Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rescuers Free Tangled Orca Whale

Rescuers Free Tangled Orca Whale: ABCNEWS.COM - Video from New Zealand shows the trapped whale "calling" for help.

This killer whale instintively knew that the diver who joined him in the water was there to help.  His family was nearby, and he could have sent out a danger call.  Instead, he told them help has arrived.  He trusted the stranger in his waters. 

The orca made an intentional choice, which resulted in a positive outcome.   It is not often that I have to make a life or death choice for my own life – at least not in the mortal sense.   However, I am challenged with choices and decisions that impact my eternal life on a daily basis.  I have made many negative choices in the past, but I pray that God will guide me in the future.  I want to be His orca with an instinct to always know the best direction to take in order to follow His will. 

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