Friday, February 10, 2012

Rejoice in the Day Our Lord Hath Made

Most mornings I go into work groaning and carrying on like that is the last place that I want to be.  We have two new people in the office who offer up a perky, “GOOD MORNING!” as soon as they hit the door.  I usually snarl a “whatever” or “who said so” at them.  While there are some mornings when I just do not feel well, most of the time I am just carrying on with them.  They laugh.  I smother a snicker.  The day begins.  It is a game we play. 

Today I had the occasion to think about a man I used to know a few years back.  I was working at a little country grocery store, and this fella came in every day for a bottle of water and a snack.  Every time he walked in the door he asked, “Isn’t this a beautiful day our Lord hath made?”  It might be storming.  The sun might be shining brightly.  Sometimes it was so hot the air conditioner was freezing up.  Sometimes the flowers were in bloom and the birds were singing.  It made no difference to him.  He appreciated every single day that our Lord gave us.  He always smiled with genuine sincerity. 

I don’t know just exactly when I became the grumpy one in the office.  Not so long ago I offered up a chirper “GOOD MORNING” at the beginning of every day.   While I am just teasing when I groan and snipe in the mornings, I am usually serious when I complain about the weather.  It is always too hot, cold, windy, cloudy, humid, dry . . . whatever.  I want to be more like the fella who is always thankful to God for the day.  I don’t know who is going to be the grumpy one in the office, but I am flipping my happy switch, and I will start thanking our dear Lord for the beauty that He creates every day. 

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