Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Time to Soar

When I went out to open up The Outhouse today (which only means unzip the screens), I discovered a hummingbird trapped inside The Outhouse. God had a good idea when he blessed us with the hummingbird. They are beautiful creatures, but they are so frail. It looks like it would take no more than a strong wind to change, if not destroy, the life of a hummingbird.

This soft creature was panicked, as she flew up and down the screen walls of The Outhouse, trying desperately to escape. The room is large, so the little bird had plenty of room to fly. She instinctually knew that she must escape her rather large prison if she ever wanted to soar again. There was no happiness in the middle of the room for her.

I have lived most of my life in the safety of the middle of the room. I have been content with the restrictions that security place upon me. There is nothing wrong with that, but like the hummingbird, people have an instinctual need to soar. God gave us that. It would be a shame not to fight for it.

The hummingbird is a timid and frail creature, yet she knows soaring is worth risking her life.

I feel the gentle wind beneath my wings.

It is time





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